Raffia Crochet

The Malagasy craftsman, rich with his multicultural and multiracial origins, has taken advantage of his exceptional environment and the wealth of rare and original natural materials to create objects with unique refinement.

The “raphia-knitted” technique applied to the Raphia fibers is an essential component of this both diverse and complex craftmanship.

The different points, whether simple or more advanced, are all handmade. It is a slow and precise work requiring great dexterity and know-how passed down for several generations.

The tension of the fiber, the realization of the point as well as its regularity give its shape and homogeneity to the hat or the bag. The result is almost unique pieces that may require several days of work.

A complete collection like ours is the result of the combined work of a large number of people: the design creation in France, as well at the product making by our partner workshops in Madagascar



the Raffia

Raffia is a very strong textile fiber used in Madagascar to make string and rabanne. It is also the raw material from which all products in our “raffia hand-knitted” range are made. It was named after the tree it originates from: a very large palm tree found in Madagascar as well as throughout East Africa. Everything is good in the raffia, you can make salads with its core, oil with its seeds, and part of the traditional roofs of the east coast of Madagascar are made with its stems. Once the large palms are cut (not easily because of [...]

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