Wicker Weaving

Wicker weaving refers to the art of braiding plant fibers to make a variety of objects.

The word originates from the van of farmers, a very flat and wide basket that was used in the past to clean the grain, to “winnowing”.

Basketry was of great economic importance in the course of history (the first objects dating back more than 10,000 years). Nowadays, it is becoming rare because of the slowness and the lack of mechanization of this technique.

The different objects can be classified according to the different techniques or materials used.

For its part, Histoires de Roseau works with different types of materials from different origins: raw wicker, Buff wicker or white wicker originating from France, Poland and Spain; Rattan or rope used in Vietnam ….

This richness of origins and materials is highly representative of Histoires de Roseau’s wish to bring back a little of the beauty and traditions from each country.


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