Who are we ?

Histoires de Roseau is above all the story of a shared family passion. Our products reflect our love for the world and its traditions.

Because we think an exceptional product can only be created through a responsible and thoughtful process, Histoires de Roseau has developed privileged partnerships with local stakeholders, thus contributing to the development of the surrounding ecosystem.

Because the invitation to travel also involves original designs, combining local know-how and noble materials, Histoires de Roseau is committed to developing a creative and inventive offer rooted in the history and culture of its country of origin.

Because the locally grown raw materials reflect the geographical origin of our products and grant them their uniqueness, we exclusively use Raffia from Madagascar, Rattan from Indonesia, Wicker from France and Poland …

Histoires de Roseau manifests a desire to respect local traditions and ecosystems, coupled with an understanding of the imperatives of different markets around the world (transport, delay …).